Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Central Jersey Executive Director Awarded Community Health Leader of the Year by Local Organization

Dr. Kristine McCoy (center) Pictured with Eldra Radzik, President of the Community Affairs and Resource Center (CARC) Board (left) and Beatriz Oesterhold, Executive Director of the CARC (right)

Dr. Kristine I. McCoy of VNA Recognized by Community Affairs and Resource Center (CARC) for Continued Excellence in Healthcare and Community Outreach 

Asbury Park, NJ (May 9, 2017) – Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Health Group is proud to announce its own Kristine I. McCoy, MD, MPH, has been awarded the 2017 Community Health Leader of the Year Award by the Community Affairs and Resource Center (CARC). Dr. McCoy serves as the Executive Director of Visiting Nurse Association Central Jersey (VNACJ) Community Health Center as well Chair of VNA Health Group’s Children and Family Health Institute (CFHI). She will receive the award at the recent 7th annual CARC Gala held at The Sheraton Hotel in Eatontown, NJ.

VNACJ Community Health Center partners with local health centers to provide comprehensive healthcare needs to underinsured and uninsured individuals and families living in Monmouth County. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, VNACJ Community Health Center strives to ease many of the difficulties faced by underserved people seeking quality health assistance. Since assuming the role of Executive Director in 2015, Dr. McCoy has worked vigorously to facilitate services to underserved communities besides basic health including nutrition, education, dentistry, podiatry, and behavioral health counseling to help people get back on track physically as well as mentally.

In addition to her role as VNACJ Executive Director, Dr. McCoy was recently appointed Chair of the VNA’s Children and Family Health Institute. The CFHI supplies a wide array of programs advantageous to families struggling to overcome health disparities and to parents facing the dangers of inadequate care for their children. Dr. McCoy plays an integral role in coordinating the efforts of the CFHI to enhance the resources available to families in need.

A board certified physician in family medicine, Dr. McCoy began her career working for the federal government during the Clinton administration under the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH). Dr. McCoy aided in designing a variety of health initiatives for different groups, including Healthy People, a faction that provides science-based, 10-year agendas for improving national health and wellness. During this period, Dr. McCoy started to analyze the different aspects that comprise maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “I began to understand in great depth the many factors that affect people’s ability to remain healthy and regain their health after falling ill,” stated Dr. McCoy. “Therefore, I made the decision to become a family physician so that I could have an intimate connection with people and really understand the entire ecosystem of what makes a person physically and mentally healthy or not. I wanted to help as many families as possible.”

CARC, a nonprofit social service organization based in Asbury Park that assists economically disadvantaged families in Monmouth County, recognized Dr. McCoy for her continued excellence in healthcare and community awareness. The organization selected Dr. McCoy for this well-respected award on account of her demonstrating the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and civic and social responsibility. “Winning this award is an honor,” continued Dr. McCoy. “CARC works in close partnership with the VNA and the CFHI and we serve the same communities while addressing similar social issues. I feel this award recognizes the closeness of our organizations and how we depend on each other to better serve the people of Monmouth County.”

Dr. Kristine I. McCoy has a Medical Degree from Stanford University School of Medicine and a Master of Public Health from the University of California.