Patients can be treated by one of our providers via video or phone!

As COVID-19 pandemic continues, telehealth is becoming the newest way patients can receive care virtually. The VNACJ CHC now offers telehealth appointments via a smartphone or computer with camera.

What are the benefits of telehealth & telephonic services for our patients?

  • Allow patients to access care for many conditions without leaving their home and risking exposure
  • Help keep patients out of the emergency department
  • Protect health care providers by reducing their exposure
  • Reduce the potential of COVID-19 spreading through communities

What is the cost of these virtual services?

  • Telehealth visits are covered by insurance with no co-pay charge
  • If you do not have health insurance, Telehealth visits are a flat rate of $20 

How do I schedule an Appointment?

Contact us at 732-888-4149 for an appointment.