Beach season is right around the corner here in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Stay in shape with helpful tips not only to help you lose some pounds, but to keep your heart healthy and happy!

  1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the healthiest exercises for your heart because it enlarges the heart, causing it to become more powerful for pumping blood throughout the body. Swimming also increases “good” cholesterol HDL levels. Most aerobic exercises will have the same effect.

2. Weight Training

Weight training is important for people with heart disease, and can also reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke just by being done once a week! According to a new study, it can reduce the risk by 40 to 70 percent.

3. Running

If you love running, this is a simple exercise to keeping your heart healthy! When the body is staying active, the heart is improving blood flow throughout the body. Your resting heart rate will eventually be lowered by cardio that is performed regularly.

4. Core Training

Any type of core training, such as yoga and pilates, will help strengthen the cardiovascular system. Stress is a factor that affects the heart, and can be reduced by yoga training. Not only does yoga help your heart, but overall strengthens the body and tones the muscles.

5. Biking

If cycling is a part of your daily or weekly routine, than you are decreasing your chance of heart disease by 50%! Cycling causes the muscles in your legs to elevate your heart rate, which helps enhance the cardiovascular system, as well as burn calories!

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