VNACJ Community Health Center Welcomes New Medical and Dental Providers

Dr. Sureka Reddy MD

Dr. Sureka Reddy MD

VNACJ Community Health Center (CHC) welcomes 2 new doctors and one dentist to our Asbury Park, Keyport and Keansburg locations. In late 2015, physician Sureka Reddy, MD, joined our family at our Asbury Park and Keyport centers. Now just as the first quarter of 2016 is about to come to a close, VNACJ Community Health Centers would like to welcome two more new faces,  family physician Alison Lewis, MD, and dentist Andleeb Naquvi DDS.

Lewis, who is native to Tinton Falls and most recently practiced family medicine in Piscataway, is no stranger to New Jersey. Lewis is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School and Beth Isreal Family Medicine Residency and will now venture on to be a primary care physician at our Asbury Park and Keanburg centers.

Dr Alison Lewis, MD

Dr Alison Lewis, MD

“All of these family physicians specialize in providing care across the life spectrum, from newborns to those in their final decades,” said CHC director Kristine McCoy, MD. “By providing preventative care and careful management of chronic conditions with the rest of the CHC’s team – dietitian, podiatrist, behavioral health specialists – these CHC providers are poised to make their patients and communities healthier, preventing hospitalizations and expensive time-consuming specialty visits.”

With the addition of NYU graduate Andleeb Naquvi, DDS, the Asbury Park center will now have two dentists on staff every day. Outside of routine cleanings and checkups, VNACJ Community Health Center also offers more complex procedures such as bridges and root canals.

“We are excited to have two dentists on staff every day now, making dental emergencies easier to fit in while taking care of our scheduled patients.” Said McCoy.

Dr. Analeeb Nacquvi, DDS

Dr. Analeeb Naquvi, DDS

VNACJ Community Health Centers accept almost all insurance companies and offer discounts for uninsured parties. CHCs are designed to provide the best care possible to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

“We want to let people know that our signs proclaiming ‘walk-ins welcome’ are now true,” McCoy said, “and that people without insurance or with insurance that is hard to use elsewhere really can get medical and dental care at our centers.”