Avocados: Have some avocado toast, throw it in a salad, or eat it by itself! Avocados contain the heart-healthy fats needed in your diet. They can help lower LDL levels, while increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol that is needed in your body.



Garlic: Adding a garlic clove or garlic powder to a meal might make a difference to your heart health. Garlic is known to fighting off the common cold, as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You’ll end up having garlic breath, but your heart will feel happy.



Leafy Green Vegetables: Spinach, kale, and collard are a few of the many green vegetables that can do wonders for your heart. Greens contain vitamin K, which helps care for your arteries and improves positive blood clotting. Next time you’re craving fast food, think of substituting it for a salad. Trust us your heart will thank you!



Dark Chocolate: Next time you’re craving something sweet, switch to dark chocolate! Cacao, a plant-based item found in dark chocolate, helps prevent heart disease. Studies show it may lower your blood pressure and lower risks of stroke.



Edamame: Ever wonder how edamame is actually healthy for you? These beans contain soy in them, which are very high in protein. Edamame may lower cholesterol levels, as well as not raising or lowering blood pressure levels.